www.Gmail.com: Create Gmail Login Account

Gmail login: The Gmail(Google Mail) is a worldwide email service mostly used in Asian countries at a broad level. Anyone can use this amazing service from any device like computer, android or iOS mobile phones, tablets etc.

If you want to use www.gmail.com on your android mobile phone you just need to install Gmail App on your phone and then you can easily do Gmail login on your app to use this service.

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In early times when Gmail beta version was released the users were allowed to upload 1GB of data to their Google Drive which was expanded later by Google to 15GB. However, you can always purchase more space as per your needs up to 1TB. This was introduced basically to share much bigger files through Gmail.com.

Gmail Login / www.Gmail.com

A user can upload data to Google Drive then attach its link to Google Mail while composing a new email.

Gmail helps us to be in touch with our family and friends, we can also receive different emails from other services like bills, newsletters, request for job interviews and so on. In other words, users can easily deliver anything via Email.

Create www.Gmail.com Account

  • Open the official web page of Gmail. Follow this link https://mail.google.com/
  • You will see a clean and well optimized menu of Gmail. Click on the “Create new account“.
  • You will be redirected to a page where you need to provide few details about yourself.
  • You will need to create a new username which will be your email address also.
  • Choose a strong password which is hard to guess for users as well as for bots.
  • Once you done filling up all the fields, click on “Gmail Sign up“.
  • Complete the verification step, if needed. You’re done creating a new Gmail account.

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Gmail Login Steps

  • Follow the link given above to open Gmail website or use this https://accounts.google.com/
  • Once the page is loaded, click on “Sign in“.
  • On the next page, enter your username or complete email address then click “Next“.
  • Enter the password for your account in this field and click on “Login“.
  • If the credentials you provided are right, you will be logged in to your Gmail account.

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Gmail Sign in Steps

Why use Gmail over other Services?

Gmail is a huge Platform among there competitor which is free and easy to use. Gmail was created to provide ease to users, anyone of any age can use Gmail. Students as well as elder persons. It is widely used in universities and schools for sharing important documents between students as well as teachers.

Gmail provides secure platform, means a user can use this service without any hesitation of being hacked or thinking about their important documents to be compromised. Gmail team has worked really hard to provide a secure platform to their users. Signing up for a Gmail account can give you access to other Google services also such as Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Adwords, Google AdSense, Google Drive and a lot more.

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Gmail Login: Two steps Verification

Basically, two step verification on Gmail is another way of security which put one more layer of security to your Gmail account. It works in a secure way, when you login to your account it will first send a verification code to your mobile phone number which is associated with your Google account.

You cannot login to your account until you enter that code to Gmail verification page.

In this way, if your account password gets compromised or leaked, still you are safe. No one can login to your account until they have the two step verification code.

Enable Two Steps Verification

Enabling two steps verification doubles the security layer of your Google Account. To enable this verification on your account follow the easy steps below.

  • Head over to www.gmail.com or this link: https://mail.google.com/ then go to “Settings“.
  • Go to “Privacy & Security” tab then find “Enable Two Steps Verification” there.
  • To turn on, you will need to provide mobile phone number.
  • Google will send you a code to your phone number, enter that code in the settings page.
  • Once entered, the 2 steps verification will be enabled on your Gmail account.
  • To check, logout of your account and then do “Gmail Login” again. You will be asked for verification code first after logging in.

Security Tips for Gmail.com

Check for malware & virus: Scan your computer with the best anti-virus software. During the scanning if the software detects any type of suspicious programs or various applications so just delete them at once from your computer.

Account Security Check Up: Visit the page of “My Account“. In the section of “Security Checkup“, chose the option of “Get Started” and follow the instructions which is placed on the on screen. This step will check your account’s security.

Account Recovery Option: Here you have to check that your “Account Recovery Options” are up to date or not.

Two Step Verification: Now apply the “Two Step Verification” this step add the extra layer on the section of security into your account.

Secure Your Password: Keep in your mind that never ever mention your password after following any link in the email from an unknown site. Always log in directly from the “accounts.google.com

Use Strong Password: You have to be conscious that your password will be strong and totally different. Google will never send you any email to know your password.

Everything you need to know about Gmail

www.Gmail.com Features

In our whole life the one thing that we cling to in order to share confidential documents, photos and other personal information and that is our email account on which we depend on almost every day of our life.

Many people have difficulty in logging into their personal email account because they don’t know the method of doing so. They think that they have to run an errand to log in to their account but this is not the case.

In reality it is so simple and easy and once you get through it yourself you can understand how easy and simple this process is and it does not require a lot of your time but actually it is just a matter of seconds and you will be given access to your personal account.

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How to do Gmail login in 7 Simple Steps

The step by step guidance regarding logging into your personal email account is given below:

  1. First you have to make sure that you have an active internet connection.
  2. Now open any internet browser on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.
  3. In the search bar on the top type the web address for Gmail that is www.gmail.com.
  4. Now a new page will open in front of you on the screen of the gadget that you are using which will ask you to enter the user name that you developed during the signing up for the Gmail account.
  5. Now press the next key on the screen and another page will open on the screen in front of you which will ask you to enter the password that you have developed for your email account.
  6. You can even check the box of remember me and it will save your time for when you will try to login next time it will not ask you to provide your user name and password and it will simply give you the access to your email account.
  7. You have to enter the password and press the next key and then a bar will appear in front of you, showing that your account is being loaded and within a few seconds your email account will open in front of you.

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See how simple and easy it is to access your email account and this requires only one minute of your precious time and not more than that.

Logging into an email account has never been so simple and so easy and that is why Gmail is one of the best servers online because their first priority is to provide the users with all the special services that an online email service provider can provide its customers with.

Everything is not always what it seems to be in the same way logging into your Gmail account is not that much hard as it has been made by the people.

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Change Gmail Password

  1. The very first thing of the user is that they have to login with their Google Gmail Account, when they are done by this so just click the gear icon which is placed on the right top corner of your Gmail official page.
  2. Users second step is that they have to quickly click on the icon named “Settings” found in the right upper corner of the page.
  3. After this, click on the link that says “Account and Security“.
  4. The next step is to click on “Change Account Settings“, on the same page. You will find another sub heading for “Change Account Password“.
  5. Now after that step you will get an option to “Re-Enter” their Gmail Account password just for identity confirmation. You will now have to enter the new password just for two times. Keep in mind that you have to choose a strong password which is not identical with the previous one.
  6. Make sure that the password should consist of at least of eight-characters which keeps the user account secure for the safety.
  7. Once completed all the steps, just click on the “Change Password“.
  8. That’s it, the password your account is now changed.

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This is most essential and easy guide about basic settings of www.gmail.com & gmail login steps. You can find more related and informative posts for Gmail in this blog. Feel free to contact us if you have any issue related to your Google account.